Solar Water Heating

Solar heating systems, convert the heat energy from the Sun into useful energy by heating water or any thermic fluid for use in multiple applications as given below. The heated liquid is stored in an insulated storage unit made of stainless steel or low carbon steel with glass lining or directly transferred to process during daytime without storage. The temperature output varies from 60 degrees centigrade for common low heat applications to 180 degree centigrade for medium heat and process applications using steam.

The heating process for liquids as water or thermic fluids is by conduction heat transfer with further heat exchange transfer depending on the process, application, technology, climatic conditions and storage requirement. The efficiency of solar heaters / liquid heating is generally between 60% to 82% depending on the type of application, process and the technology used.

Generally there are three technologies used by us for heating liquids / water using solar energy for using in various applications. All technologies required shadow free area and are suited for various environmental conditions and locations.

These technologies are:

a) Flat Plate Solar Heating Systems

Applications using copper or aluminium absorbers to heat water / liquids up to temperatures of 80 degree celsius for domestic or industrial use.

b) Glass Tube Solar Heating Systems

Applications using evacuated glass tube (under vacuum) to heat water / liquids economically upto temperatures of 90 degree celsius for domestic or industrial use.


There are variety of sectors and applications of solar thermal for domestic, industry and institutions, giving huge savings in electricity or diesel usage in segments like –

Such as:

  • Bathing application :- Across all segments for factories, dormitories, hostels, hospitals, pharma sector, homes, apartments etc. Controlled temperatures over 24 hours.
  • Washing and cleaning application :- For washing, cleaning or degreasing of floors or vessels, equipment in canteens, hospitals, laundries, vehicle cleaning etc.
  • Cooking application :- Across segments such as canteens, hotels, central community cooking centres etc.
  • Industrial process application :- Generation of low pressure steam, boiler pre-heating or boiler feed, process heating, bath heating as in textiles, pharmaceutical or automobile industries, etc.
  • Heat exchange process :- As in galvanizing, electroplating, paint shop degreasing etc.

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