Steam Generation

  • For generation of steam of 150 to 180 degrees Celsius during the day time with an auto tracking system with heat collection and remote monitoring of data.
  • Storage of heated water and using steam during the nights for producing steam pressure generation up to 10 kgs/cm2.
  • Integration solutions for boilers for process heating integration solutions for cooking in medium to large scale, enabling huge savings in LPG, diesel or electricity used conventionally.
  • Ideal for all factories using steam as well as community kitchens, social missions, religious mutts, ashrams, etc

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To be the go-to solutions provider in field of solar energy, for solar power for electricity or solar heating for air, water or fluids or air conditioning-cooling, enabling citizens, industry, institutions in use of sustainable energy, increasing savings, reduce use of fossil fuels, reduce carbon footprint to safeguard the environment, and provide satisfaction for all stakeholders.