Project Consultancy


In order to determine the ideal solar energy model for your establishment a thorough feasibility study is done by RenXSol and for this, there...

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Project Reports

RenXSol's years of experience in the industry only translates to successful management of projects. Our expert panel of industry experts will...

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Tendering and Procurement

RenXSol's consulting expertise helps vendors in creating tenders which would include a detailed break up of the infrastructure that is to be...

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Project Monitoring and Synopsis

Once a project is conceived, it needs to monitored throughout and against different yard sticks at every step of the way. RenXSol will...

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Turnkey PMC

RenXSol specializes in turnkey projects whether its for residential, commercial or agricultural purposes. We have solar projects built which...

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Solar Photovoltaic

Solar cells which are also called Photovoltaic (PV) cells by scientists help in converting sunlight directly into electricity. PV gets its name from the process...

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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal technology uses the sun's energy to generate low-cost, environmentally friendly thermal energy. This happens to be one...

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Engineering Colleges

RenXSol visits Engineering colleges across the country frequently and delivers seminars related to renewable and solar energy. We also run...

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RenXSol trains engineers and professionals who want to advance their careers in the field of renewable and solar energy. We help equip...

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