Off-grid PV System

Off-grid solar can be used for variety of applications wherein solar power is stored in batteries and used when required by client / consumer or in case of no grid conditions as –

  • For homes, farm houses and small offices, requiring back-up power as a UPS. Solar panels can be either retrofit to existing UPS or new system can be installed with required back up hours.
  • For powering of petrol pumps, canopies, institutions and CAD centres requiring power at different times or who have regular power cuts causing them to use diesel generators.
  • For signages of banks, institutions for overnight use.
  • For apartment complexes for common area or street lights for lighting during black outs for safety of people/children etc in common areas.
  • For rural areas for houses either in DC or AC mode. Electrification of rural houses can easily be done with this off-grid mode powering community TV, houses, irrigation pumps for planned use, street lighting etc. This also enables provide job opportunities for rural entrepreneurs.
  • Any or all of the above off-grid systems can also be enabled with metering and converted as smart systems by also synchronizing with grid power for time of day use or peak load time use if cheaper than grid power or in hybrid options in net metering. Please contact company for more details. Off-grid photos –

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