Cold Storage using Photovoltaics

RenXSol Ecotech has developed cold storage systems using solar energy for protecting and keeping agricultural products, dairy products etc. in environmental controlled chamber between 2 to 6 degree celsius.

This protects the products from perishing or decaying.

For the farmer, this enables him a higher price yield on his produce instead of selling it immediately to middlemen.

These cold storage chambers are custom designed and generally come with the following specifications:

  • Environmental controlled chamber, of general sizes 6 ft x 6ft x 8 ft capable of handling crop storage of 1 tons by weight or 10ft x 10 ft x 8 feet capable of handling crop storage of 2 tons by weight.
  • Further custom designed sizes can be constructed after knowing the client's necessary and exact requirements.
  • The floor of the chamber is generally of stone after installing insulating layers beneath, or these may be of chequered plate.
  • Air sealing lock doors provided for access and digital displays with remote access is provided for studying temperature. Solar power supports the cooling over a period of 24 hours.

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