Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop Power

  • Turnkey installation, design, engineering, operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic based power plants to generate electricity for offices, factories, institutions, homes, warehouses, builders, apartments, clubs, resorts, hotels, hospitals etc.
  • Usage of electricity at LT level for factories as Net-Metering policy of government; exporting power to grid, including management of permissions, drawings, approvals for hybrid systems with back up battery systems.
  • For critical night time use as a portable hybrid power solution for camping, trekking, or remote areas and even emergency power etc.
  • Effective product guarantees of critical items of upto 10 years.
  • Conduction of feasibility studies for implementation in phases with an upscale from kW to MW scale of installation. This is done from integration to existing processes either captive or third party wheeling, banking, transmission.
  • Integration and synchronization within existing diesel generators and electricity board power for solar prioritization and automatically controlled harmonics, this with load management solutions combined with micro-processor.

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To be the go-to solutions provider in field of solar energy, for solar power for electricity or solar heating for air, water or fluids or air conditioning-cooling, enabling citizens, industry, institutions in use of sustainable energy, increasing savings, reduce use of fossil fuels, reduce carbon footprint to safeguard the environment, and provide satisfaction for all stakeholders.