Turnkey PMC

Services offered for Rooftop Systems, Decentralized systems, Ground based MW scale systems, Rural Electrification systems, Agricultural Pumping systems

  • Identification, Survey and Selection of Potential Site including site feasibility study (Roof or Ground based Assessment, Dust level study & Electrical System Study).
  • Assistance of site requirements of soil tests, electrical resistivity tests, drainage and rain water harvesting.
  • Civil and structural requirements for designated wind speed and life.
  • Electrical design of solar plant, interconnection feasibility, transmission, evacuation etc.
  • Potential, varied solar technology sources and technology feasibility specific to site based on direction, radiation, shading etc.
  • Studies including simulation parameters, due diligence & parameters check.
  • Solar Radiation Assessment Study suited for location.
  • Design, drawings and engineering development for whole project for freezing towards implementation.
  • Development of specifications, technical Support in selection of suppliers/vendor selection and enabling place procurement orders.
  • Oversight, Quality checks and Implementation of Solar Projects.
  • Design checks during execution for projects and evaluation of guarantee parameters and compliances of vendors.
  • Permissions, drawings, liasoning& approvals support for solar project pre and post closures.
  • Oversight of all electrical implementation, underground or overground cased cabling, transmission lines, switchyard and safety compliance.
  • Fire and Safety compliances.
  • Cleaning system requirements, effectiveness and implementation oversight.
  • Site security, surveillance, lighting and other requirements of site.
  • Plant monitoring, SCADA, communication systems.
  • Storage systems where applicable for time of day use.
  • Implementation of MW scale projects based on PPA mode, third party sale, REC based & captive power plant.
  • Plant performance evaluation post commissioning.
  • Operation & Maintenance Services.
  • Assist in REC Accreditation, registration & Issuance.

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To be the go-to solutions provider in field of solar energy, for solar power for electricity or solar heating for air, water or fluids or air conditioning-cooling, enabling citizens, industry, institutions in use of sustainable energy, increasing savings, reduce use of fossil fuels, reduce carbon footprint to safeguard the environment, and provide satisfaction for all stakeholders.